10-4 Financing For Your Dealership? Our Truck Financing Pros Explain

As a truck dealership, you strive to provide the best outcome for each of your customers. Every driver that steps foot on your property has a unique story and goal for how to further their career, and you’re there to help them every step of the way. However, if you’re dealing with issues in offering advantageous financing for your customers with subprime credit, then it can prove a challenge trying to make sales. It’s important to take every step to take care of your clients, and 10-4 Financing is here to help you!

Our semi truck financing specialists have spent years working to create the best process for drivers, owner-operators, and fleets, and we can offer financing services to help dealerships across the country.

We understand that most lenders adhere to fairly specific parameters for how to offer financing (only allowed to finance newer trucks, no trailers, owner-operators but not startups), and our pros are here to overcome these hurdles to help you boost your sales and positive reviews.

Today, we’ll highlight the top reasons why dealerships can benefit from partnering with 10-4 Financing. Once you’re ready, be sure to call us for further information!

The 10-4 Process

Our semi truck financing company understands that speed is essential for dealerships. Customers that are required to wait may simply take their business elsewhere. 10-4 Financing has refined our process over the years to provide high-quality outcomes in an expedient manner.

We now work with 20 lenders across the country, ensuring that your customer is helped as quickly as possible. Normally, we can review submissions within two hours and can often issue approves on the same day!

10-4 relies on our matrix to measure exactly what is needed to finance your customer:

  1. Current FICO score
  2. Down payment available
  3. Driver, owner-operator, or fleet needs?
  4. Age of equipment
  5. Current mileage of equipment
  6. Homeowner?
  7. CDL experience
  8. Largest available credit tradeline
  9. Replacement unit or new equipment?
  10. Make and model of vehicle

Great Partnerships, Advantageous Results

Working with one lender will leave you with restrictive terms that are either pass or fail. Dealerships across the country want to finance drivers with subprime credit, but can’t, due to the risk observed by lenders. 10-4 Financing will assess each client and work with their unique background to find the most advantageous program available. Regardless of your customer’s credit history or experience, we can help to find affordable terms that help further their goals while also increasing your sales.

Flexible Financing

10-4 Financing works with a number of subprime lending programs to ensure your customer leaves your dealership happy. Our team specializes in working with all types of drivers to offer flexible lending:

  • No age requirements on equipment
  • Mileage up to 800,000
  • No CDL experience minimums
  • No FICO score minimums
  • Financing for trucks and trailers
  • $0 down payments with certain restrictions.

Our semi truck financing team also offers an app-only program with same-day approvals with 25 percent down payments, or your customer can purchase the same truck with 5-10 percent due at signing.

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

You are busy selling trucks and taking care of your customers. Struggling to make your finance program work for the individual driver can prove exhaustive, which is why 10-4 Financing is here to help. We have extensive experience with our underwriters, and can streamline the process for you to focus on your sales and clientele. Our speedy turnaround proves very helpful in closing deals, as we can normally issue actual approvals within a few hours.

10-4 Financing can help you sell more semi trucks, which brings obvious benefits in terms of profit margins. Our truck finance services can also help to increase customer satisfaction, as the financing process is what typically leads to success or failure. We work hard to find the right terms for your individual clients, ensuring that they leave your lot happy with the outcome. Positive relationships with lenders and dealerships across the country is what has grown our success, and we’re excited to show you how our skills can improve your output!

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10-4 Financing is here to provide ideal semi truck financing nationwide, and our proven process helps everyone involved in the process. We can send pre-qualified drivers directly to your dealership to further increase sales. Contact us today to learn more!