Transportation Equipment Financing

Transportation equipment and trucks are used for various purposes in large projects. We offer effective financing solutions for transportation equipment and trucks to keep your business growing!


10-4 Financial is here to help drivers and entrepreneurs at all levels achieve the most success possible through our commercial truck financing services. We understand how challenging it can be to acquire the capital needed to expand, and tailor our process to best benefit each individual. After years in the industry seeing drivers and businesses struggle to acquire the equipment financing they need to grow and thrive, our founders decided to create a process that is fast, simple, and effective. We know that you’re more than a number, and strive to partner with the top lending companies to provide terms you can be happy with.

From our simple application process to our intuitive repayment program, you’re sure to benefit from the many advantages associated with financing through our company. Our lending services offer cost-effective solutions for businesses and individuals with all types of payment histories and credit backgrounds. No matter your need, we can offer customizable financing for transportation equipment of all types.


Business across many industries rely on transportation equipment to transfer much-needed cargo and personnel from place to place. If you’re hoping to lease or finance a tow truck, dump truck, bus, limousine, or any other equipment needed for transportation, we can secure the right terms and the right inventory at an ideal price.

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Our team is as dedicated to your success as you are, and strive to make financing transportation equipment a beneficial process:

  • Flexible financing options — No matter your needs, the 10-4 team can help you finance buses, box trucks, limousines, and more. We can work to finance up to $1.5 million for approved clients!
  • New or used equipment financing — Used transportation equipment can be well worth the investment, which is why our team offers top-notch financing.
  • Application-only approvals — With only an application and minimal effort, you can secure quality terms. Our process is fast and easy!
  • Streamlined decisions — Once your application is in, our professionals get to work! We offer streamlined application-only approvals up to $150,000.
  • Fast approvals — The 10-4 team can approve your financing for transportation equipment fast. We provide all of our responses within 24 hours, and can have an answer for you in as little as three minutes!
  • Full financing available — Don’t have the money for a down payment? Need your capital for other ventures? We can offer 100% financing for approved parties.
  • Deferred payment options — Need to finance your transportation equipment now, before you have the revenue? 10-4 Financing offers pre-approval and deferred payment options to help create a payment schedule that fits your business.
  • Financing, leasing, or working capital — Whether you want to finance your transportation or lease it, or you simply wish to increase your working capital with a business line of credit, our team offers a wide range of programs for every need.
  • Nationwide inventory — We’ve partnered with hundreds of dealers and dozens of lenders across the country to maximize the power of our equipment financing, and can help you find what you need from any dealer across the country.
  • Unmatched support — Need to finance a transportation vehicle? 10-4 Financing offers advice and support in finding the right product from the right dealer. We don’t want you to get stuck with a bad deal, and will do everything in our power to create a quality outcome.


No matter your needs, we’re here to provide the right equipment for the job. 10-4 Financing works with dealers across the country to maximize our inventory of quality transportation vehicles. We lease and finance big trucks, box trucks, fire trucks, and nearly any other vehicle needed to transport people and cargo.

If you’re ready to get started, we can help you find the right equipment for the job, including:

  • Tow Trucks – Tow trucks are most commonly used by towing companies, but you might also need one for your repossession business. A flatbed tow truck is an investment that pays off, but these trucks are costly and not many businesses have the capital to purchase them outright. 10-4 Financing will provide you the financing you need to start a towing business or to grow your fleet. 
  • Day Cabs – When you own a day cab, you have an unlimited earning potential, but it can be difficult to get started if you’ve only recently gotten your CDL or you have bad credit. 10-4 Financing can help you locate the ideal day cab for your needs and we also offer affordable financing and leasing options. 
  • Garbage Trucks – Refuse haulers may have roll-off trucks, hooklifts, rear loaders, front loaders, and side loaders in their fleets. Our garbage truck financing company has provided small businesses and individuals with the resources they need to start or expand their waste management businesses.
  • Box Trucks – Box trucks are a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to start their own trucking, transportation, or delivery business, but their versatility makes them a great option for a variety of industries. Our box truck financing services make these vehicles obtainable no matter your driving experience or credit score.
  • Dump Trucks – Dump truck leasing can give you the extra haul ability you need for a short-term project, while financing a dump truck might be the first step to starting your own junk removal business. Construction companies and landscaping businesses also rely upon dump trucks to get the job done.
  • Buses – Whether you’re looking for a minibus for your hotel, retirement community, church, or other organization, or you’re seeking a shuttle bus to add to your transportation fleet or start your own transportation business, 10-4 Financing will make the bus financing process seamless.
  • Limousines – Running your own limousine business gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule and fantastic earning potential. From weddings to trips to the airport and nights on the town, nothing says luxury like a limo, but getting the financing you need to start your chauffeur business can be difficult if you have a low FICO score. Let 10-4 Financing help you get started by providing you with limousine financing.
  • Bucket Trucks – Bucket trucks are a specialized type of vehicle with a long mechanical arm and a bucket attached to the end. The arm extends to lift the bucket, allowing workers to safely reach heights that can’t be reached by ladders or other means. We offer bucket truck financing to help you grow your business.
  • Sprinter Vans – Sprinter vans are highly versatile vehicles that can transport people from one place to another, as well as cargo. A Mercedes-Benz diesel sprinter van is fuel-efficient and designed to stand the test of time, making it a worthy investment for your business. Financing a sprinter van doesn’t get much easier than when you choose 10-4 Financing to help you get behind the wheel.

Box truck financing can provide a versatile vehicle for a variety of industries, while dump truck leasing can deliver the extra haul ability needed for a short-term project. Contact us to learn more about our inventory and to find the exact vehicle for your needs!

Qualifying is Easy

Our process is tailored to offer fast, effective results for clients in need. Even if you have bad credit, a short amount of time in operation as a business, or you need more working capital, 10-4 Financing delivers top-notch results in an easy format. You can apply online by filling out the form, and one of our experts will contact you to provide an accurate picture of how we can secure the transportation equipment you need. We make the process fast and simple, saving you time and money while you build your business from the ground up.

No FICO Minimums

Your FICO score can open the door for new opportunities, but it can also hold you back if the integer is lower than what financial institutions are looking for. Credit scores for individuals can range from 300 to 850, with numbers in the high 600s classifying as good. This figure is tabulated from all of your financial information to create a rating for banks to quickly assess the likelihood their borrower will pay their financing back in full.

If you’re dealing with a low FICO score, 10-4 Financing can offer beneficial terms that match your needs and help to achieve your goals. Our transportation equipment finance company does not have FICO credit minimums, meaning we can work with a wide range of professionals.

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No Experience Requirements

Oftentimes, lenders view startups as higher-risk ventures, resulting in an application denial. Borrowers who do qualify are often burdened with restrictive and costly terms. 10-4 Financing offers transportation and truck leasing services to startups and new drivers, meaning we do not have CDL experience minimums, and we do not require years of data. You can apply online now to finance or lease transportation equipment, construction equipment, and more!


Competitive Industry Rates

If you cannot finance your transportation vehicle through us at an affordable rate, then why worry about the other benefits of our program? 10-4 Financing works to provide quality terms to clients with credit scores and financial histories of all types. Our beneficial relationships with lenders across the country help to keep rates low. Right now, you can apply for financing for your transportation equipment with rates started as low as 4.49%. Interest rates can cut into your overhead, so be sure you invest wisely by choosing the 10-4 team!

Low Down Payments

Whereas some companies will require 20-25% down on tow trucks, garbage trucks, and more to finance, 10-4 Financing works to make obtaining new equipment affordable. We offer numerous programs built around 10% down, but can work with individuals based on their situation. You may qualify for zero-down financing!

Should I Lease or Purchase My Transportation Equipment?

Every business looks to expand and grow, and most entrepreneurs will likely look to a finance company to provide the assistance needed to make large purchases. Many opt to finance their equipment for full ownership, while others rely on leases for short-term benefits.

Before you fill out your application, it may help to understand which program is better for you:

Leasing tow trucks, bucket trucks, limousines, and other transportation equipment can provide short-term coverage without the long-term commitment. You can breathe easy knowing your vehicles are covered in the event of a major breakdown, and can also opt for a different machine once the lease runs out.
Financing your transportation equipment can prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. Many customers enjoy the freedom to modify, update, or customize their vehicles as needed.


10-4 Financing provides clear, cost-effective solutions for all of our satisfied customers. If you’re looking to expand your operations by financing in new or used transportation equipment, we’re here and ready to find the right program for you. Contact us today or fill out the form below to learn more, and be sure to browse our comprehensive inventory for the right vehicle!

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