What is the Average Length of a Semi-Truck?

On America’s roads, the average length of a semi-truck is typically about 72 feet long, including the cab and the trailer. The trailer is 53 feet on average. The front bumper to the back of the cabin (BBC) is on average about 10 feet.  However, sleepers, long hoods, and add-on boxes can increase this length by six or more feet. It is no accident that semi-trucks are 72 feet in length on average. Federal minimum allowable lengths mandate that states allow semi-trucks that are at least 48 feet to operate without a special permit. 

Dimensions of Semi-Trucks Explained

Though the average length of a semi-truck is about 72 feet, the type of trailer will impact the length of the truck.  

Standard dry van trailers are 53 feet long. This type of trailer extends over the top of the tractor, so these semis are generally about 70 feet long.  Pup trailers are often pulled together, with each measuring approximately 28 feet.  The total length of the trailer is therefore 56 feet.

Tanker trailers may vary in length by a few feet, ranging from 48-53 feet. Likewise, flatbed trailers, often used for intermodal container transport, are typically 48-53 feet.

Semi-trucks are also uniform in height due to various state height regulations. For this reason, they are rarely taller than 14 feet. The cabs are generally between 6-10 feet. 

 In every state but Hawaii, the maximum width of a semi-truck is 8 ½ feet.  Hawaii’s limit is 9 feet.  All cargo wider than these limits require a special oversize load permit to transport. 

Semi Truck Buying vs. Leasing

If you’ve made the decision that it’s time for your first truck or your next truck, you have two options. You can lease a truck, or you can finance a truck.  Leasing may offer benefits such as a low down payment, and potentially a newer truck. 

However, innovative financing designed specifically for truckers can render these benefits obsolete. Perhaps even more enticing is the fact that your finance company can also help you to identify trucks for sale that meet your requirements. 

Without damaging your credit, you can get approved for semi-truck financing for specific vehicles from dealerships nationwide without spending countless hours searching for a used truck for sale. In some cases, you may find that there is no minimum  FICO score or CDL experience. Even better, with down payment requirements as low as 10%, or $0 down for qualified owner-operators, buying a semi-truck is often a better long-term investment than leasing a truck. 

Keep in mind that financing is unlikely to be granted to buyers currently in bankruptcy or past due on child support.  

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