Benefits of Financing Your Semi Truck With Truck Financing Specialists

Purchasing a new semi-truck isn’t like going to the local car dealer and picking up a new vehicle. When purchasing a personal passenger vehicle, the more you can put down to reduce your payment, the better. When buying a semi-truck, trying to come up with that much money at once is borderline irresponsible, and it is in your best interest to finance. Your new semi-truck is your livelihood, your biggest tool when it comes to earning an income, or at the very least – an important piece to growing your business. We help finance commercial trucks by relying on some of the top lenders in the industry, all across the nation. We’re here to go over the benefits of financing your semi-truck with the truck financing specialists at 10-4 Financing.

Established Vendor Relationships

Financing directly through a vendor, especially the manufacturers, is rarely advantageous to the buyer. The manufacturers are rarely in it for the buyer’s best interest: the interest rates tend to be higher, and there is less room to negotiate the price. You can avoid hours of paperwork and pushy sale pitches by working with truck financing specialists. The specialists at 10-4 Financing already have ample experience in dealing with the vendors and manufacturers, allowing the buyer to know they are getting the best interest rate possible without unnecessary song and dance.

Down Payment Flexibility

Should you be dealing with a commercial vendor or even directly with manufacturers, you’re going to be required to put down anywhere from 15 to 25 percent of the total sale price. Anyone familiar with the average cost of a semi-truck is aware of just how much coin that is! Working with 10-4 Finance will open the door to significantly lower down payment options. We can source multiple lenders simultaneously, fast, and efficiently so that you can sleep well knowing you got the optimum deal for you and your company.

Better Approval Odds

When going through the commercial vendors and manufacturers, it seems you need to have an incredible credit score. We know how difficult this can be for hard-working people trying to make a living. At 10-4 Financing, you’re sure to be able to get approved so that you can get your semi and get back on the road. We’ll work with you and the lending firms to try to get you an acceptable rate, no matter what your credit score is!

Best Solution for You, Guaranteed

For over a decade, 10-4 Financing has handled every customer’s request with the kind of care and service they deserve. We’re here to deliver outstanding results and get you the best deal you can because we want you and your business to succeed. Commercial truck financing is our specialty; let us take care of it so you can get back to your specialty. If you have a specific request or wish to start our application process, be sure to fill out a prequalification form or contact us to begin!