Our experienced equipment specialists can help steer you away from overpriced trucks and dealers that have been known to sell lemons. It’s in our best interest to help you finance a good semi, therefore we have people on our team whose main job is to work with our customers to find you the best deal in the market. We’ve been doing this for over seven years and have helped finance thousands of trucks. We know a deal when we see one!


Know Your Needs

Will you be hauling loads long distances or short sprints? Will you sleep in it? Will your route and loads require a larger or smaller engine? What kind of terrain and weather will you drive in? What kind of fuel efficiency will you need? How long do you want to use it before reselling it? What kind of resale value would you like to see? What add-ons and features do you want? These questions are daunting, but you’ll need to be able to answer most of these questions before looking at available semi truck options. 10-4 will work with you to procure the best truck financing terms possible to meet your exact needs.

Do Your Research

Every semi’s make, model, and year is different. Ask experienced truckers and mechanics to recommend which trucks are great deals and which should be avoided. In addition, there are a number of forums that can help narrow your search.

Check the Vehicle History

This only applies to used semis as these can be a gamble to buy. When it comes to buying a semi, it’s important to make sure you are getting what the seller claims you are. A simple check of the vehicle’s maintenance logs and previous owners can help you gauge the trustability of the seller and the quality of the truck.

Inspect the Semi

When you go to see it, you or a trusted mechanic should inspect it thoroughly.

Look for rust, good seals on doors and windows, operating lights, oil leaks, pristine brakes, smoke, strange noises, good tires with a record of good pressure and regular full oil changes, and more. While talking to a used semi dealer, find out whether the truck was a trade-in or if it came from a fleet. Ask for maintenance records and receipts for any work that was performed on the semi prior to it being put for sale.

10-4 Financing can also help steer you away from overpriced trucks and dealers that have been known to sell lemons. It’s in our best interest to put you in a truck that will run well and allow you to earn a better living. We’re confident that our commercial truck leasing pros will be able to find the perfect fit for your goals, and our process ensures that you are equipped to succeed on the road ahead. Contact us today for complete assistance or fill out the form on the right to get started today!