Can 10-4 Help You With Semi Truck Financing? Check Out Our Reviews!

Commercial truck financing is made to help drivers and dealerships at all levels to make favorable transactions for both parties to succeed. However, customers with bad credit may find that they cannot acquire the truck financing they need to progress their career. Dealerships also suffer from this issue, as they are not able to sell vehicles to clients who are worth the investment. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are on, it pays to find a semi financing company that looks at the customer as an individual, not just a credit score.

10-4 Financing is here to provide unbeatable semi truck financing to drivers, owner-operators, fleets, and dealerships. We understand that people are our greatest resource, and we work hard to provide favorable terms for every individual. If you’re in need of assistance in purchasing or leasing a truck, or you’re looking for a finance company that can help you provide more favorable terms for your client base, we are here and always happy to help!

Today, we’ll highlight a few of our customer testimonials to show just how beneficial our services can be. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to apply online with our form!

We Make Your First Purchase Easy!

“Made the purchase of the 1st truck easy. Were very helpful throughout the process and we are very happy with how they served our new business.”

 – Laidys M

Making the jump from running someone else’s truck to purchasing your first one, or investing in your first truck as an owner-operator can be tricky. Customers need to go through a number of hoops to secure the semi truck financing they need for their goals, and doing so can take a lot of time and effort.

10-4 Financing is here to make the process simple for first-time buyers. We can help those with low credit scores, no CDL experience, and more. If you’re building your own business, the 10-4 team can help. If you’re hoping to start out on your own and make more money, we can help with that, too. It’s a win-win!

Professional, Speedy Service

“Very professional, thorough, and speedy. Gave me a shot when no one else would!”

 – Brian Z.

Speed and convenience are at the heart of everything we do here. 10-4 Financing has created a semi truck financing process that is fast, efficient, and tailored to help dealerships and drivers alike. You can apply online for a fast and secure credit pull, then our team will reach out to you to offer our advantageous terms.

Over the years, 10-4 Financing has worked to foster quality relationships with lenders across the country, allowing us to work with any dealership to purchase any truck. Seamless purchasing processes help us to streamline the process, allowing drivers to arrive with an approval and test drive the truck right away.

Great for Dealerships

“10-4 Financing is a great asset to myself and our dealership. They are able to fill the void by financing customers who would otherwise be turned down. Easy to work with and deliver fast results.”

 – Frank N.

Our ability to work with customers to find the right fit for every background is very beneficial for drivers in need, but the value of our semi truck financing is tailored to offer advantageous outcomes for dealerships as well. 10-4 Financing specializes in helping clients with low credit scores, enhancing the outcome for dealerships across the country. The better your finance terms, the happier your customers will be!

Improve Truck Sales

“We use 10-4 because we want to sell more trucks every month! They help us to do that by financing the hard-to-get-done customers.”

 – Robin O.

Overall, our commercial truck financing helps dealerships because they can sell more vehicles. In many cases, drivers will find the perfect truck, only to learn that they cannot afford the financing. 10-4 Financing can help to provide much more advantageous terms, enhancing the capabilities of the dealership to ensure that everyone is happy. We can also send pre-qualified truckers your way for fast results.

Credit-challenged customers are our specialty, so be sure to contact us today to see if our services are right for your dealership!

Zach’s Story

Zach is one of our long-time customers, and a perfect example of why how our semi truck financing works. Years ago, he was searching online to find the right truck financing company to meet his needs while working with this background. Zach had a FICO of 626, and did not own a home to use as collateral. He found 10-4 Financing and was able to finance his first truck. Today, he makes over $20k a month driving his own vehicle on the oil fields, and plans on expanding his business with us very soon.

Call Today!

If you’re ready to finance your first rig, or you are looking for a commercial truck financing specialist to help you sell more vehicles, 10-4 Financing is here and ready to help nationwide. We have the financing and truck inventory needed to help everyone in the industry, so be sure to contact us online or call us at (833) 682-4552 for assistance!