10-4 Financing Provides Semi Truck Financing For All Types Of Truckers

Commercial truck financing can provide the right terms at the right price for a variety of industry professionals. Whether you are a new driver looking to finance your first semi or you’re in charge of an entire fleet, it’s important to find a team that is as dedicated to your success as you are. Individuals in need of semi truck financing across the United States can rely on 10-4 Financing for the best results. For years, our experts have worked diligently to provide advantageous truck finance terms that help individuals excel in their career. No matter where you are or what you plan on driving, the 10-4 team is happy to be your partner for success.

Our truck finance experts are experienced in delivering the best results, and we will work hard to provide you with the best financing available. The advantage of our semi truck financing services comes from its versatility. 10-4 Financing can provide commercial truck financing for a variety of institutions and individuals, many of which we will look at today. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to contact us online or fill out our application form!


Regardless of your experience in the industry, it pays to secure semi truck financing from a trustworthy source. 10-4 Financing can help drivers of all backgrounds find the best fit for their career and our team will work to ensure you leave happy with the results. A few of the benefits of our truck finance program include:

  • Industry competitive rates
  • Low down payments
  • No previous commercial credit required
  • No driving experience minimums
  • Options for low FICOs and bad credit
  • Strategies for those with past bankruptcies

If you are just starting out, it can seem nearly impossible to secure the financing terms that will help get you started. The rates and prices you can expect will vary based on numerous factors, so be sure to contact us today to create an advantageous semi truck option you can afford.


Freedom is the name of the game for these entrepreneurs. If you are an owner-operator, you may be on this page because the time has come to upgrade your current truck, add a new rig, or finance a much-needed trailer. Owner-operators harbor the American Spirit, and our semi truck financing team is here to help achieve the best results. 10-4 Financing provides amazing rates and industry-specific knowledge to help individuals or teams who rely on their own hard work for their small business to succeed. We can achieve low down payments, competitive rates, and fast approvals, so be sure to pre-qualify today!

Company Fleets

Truck companies are able to secure the best semi truck financing in the industry because of their experience and resources. If the time has come for you to add a new truck to your fleet or to update all of your vehicles entirely, 10-4 Financing is here and happy to help. We can deliver sustainable truck leasing solutions to create a model that fits your unique operations. No matter your fleet’s needs, our team will be able to deliver complete support in every aspect of your truck financing. Take advantage of our clear pricing, simplified order forms, personalized statements, expansive customer support, and complete fleet support services.


You handle the sale, let us handle the financing. 10-4 Financing can help by offering advantageous semi truck financing options that increase your sales and customer satisfaction. Our team can finance clients with low FICOs, no experience, and more. Subprime lending is a major part of the industry, and our truck finance pros will work hard to ensure that your semi dealership is equipped for success. We offer $0 down payments, high-mileage financing, and more to keep your equipment moving and off the lot. Our semi truck financiers are experienced in delivering flexible results for many applicants, so be sure to call us today to ask about our dealership services!

Since 2011, 10-4 Financing has worked to develop the most advantageous semi truck financing programs for truckers across the United States. We work with drivers, owner-operators, fleets, and dealerships to secure the best terms and results, providing an edge in this competitive industry. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to ask about our competitive rates and services!