Looking to Finance Your Construction Equipment? Trust 10-4 Financing!

The construction industry is a dynamic and vital part of our society. If you’re in this line of work and looking to finance your construction equipment, it’s important to find the right partner for the job! 10-4 Financing is here to offer equipment financing services to construction companies in need, whether they need to purchase a new piece of machinery or require lending to pay for materials and labor up front.

Construction equipment financing is a major ordeal, and one that can have lasting ramifications on your business’ bottom line. Keep reading to learn about the power of our construction financing service, and be sure to contact us if you are ready to begin the process today!

Trust Our Construction Financing Process

The 10-4 Process was developed to deliver ideal results for customers at all stages in their development. Whether you’re looking for skid steer financing to speed up your bottom line or you require a full range of bulldozers, excavators, and cranes, 10-4 Financing is here and ready to help! Our process relies on positive relationships with construction financing specialists and dealers across the country. Unlike many construction equipment finance specialists who rely on two or three programs to fit all of their clientele into, 10-4 relies on numerous programs tailored to help consumers of all types. 

Bad credit? Poor payment history? Low credit score? We can help! 10-4 Financing offers the best results for our customers, including:

  • Flexible financing — Our team is here to offer a range of equipment financing solutions for your company, with the flexibility to offer up to $1.5 million for qualified customers.
  • Full financing available — Your funds may be tied up at present, and that’s okay! 10-4 Financing offers 100% financing on our construction equipment for qualified buyers.
  • Fast credit decisions — You’ll receive a decision, fast. Our approvals can come in within 24 hours, with certain programs yielding results after three minutes!
  • Versatile lending options — Do you need to personalize your payment plan? We offer deferred payment options for those in need.
  • Complete customer support — We understand that construction financing is a big ordeal, and are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us anytime for assistance!

Comprehensive Equipment Financing

All of our financing services will count for nothing if you can’t find the right construction equipment! We have the capability to source a range of new and used construction, including:

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  • Skid steers
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Drills
  • Grinders
  • Concrete Equipment

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  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Grinders
  • And more!

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Benefits With Our Construction Financing Company

10-4 Financing was founded to help semi drivers lacking in experience or high credit scores achieve beneficial terms and affordable results to help propel their growth. We’re here to tailor cost-effective solutions for every buyer, and can generate results for your exact needs. 10-4 Financing offers a range of services to help you finance your construction equipment, including:

  • Financing — Once you’ve found the equipment you need, you can rely on our team to find the right financing program. We work with more than 20 lenders across the country to offer a program designed to fit your needs.
  • Leasing — Rely on the latest construction equipment without committing to the long-term costs with equipment leasing. Companies in need of additional construction equipment can choose their lease lengths and terms.
  • Working Capital — Your day-to-day operations may require a varying amount of capital, which is why our team is here to offer advantageous business lines of credit. Expand your working capital to make room for surprise costs, inventory growth, and more.

Qualifying is Easy

Our equipment financing process is fast and effective, helping customers with a range of credit histories to secure the gear they need without costing an arm and a leg. 10-4 Financing has programs that offer no FICO minimums, low down payments, support for start-ups, and competitive rates starting at 5.45%. If you’ve had a bad credit history, no industry experience, or any other negatives which may affect your equipment financing process, we can work to generate beneficial terms to help propel your business moving forward.

No matter your or your company’s available capital, credit score, or financial history, the 10-4 team is here and ready to help! Learn more about us to catch up on our background and to see how we care for our customers, and be sure to contact us if you need to expand your fleet of vehicles!

Contact Us Today

10-4 Financing, LLC is here to serve as your construction equipment financing specialists, partnering with dealers and lenders across the country to ensure you benefit from the best rates and most advantageous terms. We understand that you’re more than a number, and will work tirelessly to provide fast, beneficial terms that you can grow with.

Contact us today to learn more about our financing for construction equipment, and be sure to apply online to begin the process. We look forward to working with you!